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Office clearance tips

Careful planning and project management are required for an office clearance. This guide offers some helpful office clearance tips and guidance on how to do it best.

1. What are the things you want to keep and throw?

At the risk of saying the obvious, before you begin an office clearance project, you need to understand what needs to be cleared. Ideally, the only products remaining in the premises will be those you want to get rid of before you engage an office clearance specialist. If not, take the time to define precisely what you’re going to bring with you and what you’re going to leave behind. Without this, the clearance company will find it very hard to estimate the clearance length or to collect similar quotes from various contractors.

2.Set the begining and the finishing date for the clearance.

When must the office be cleaned up entirely? Agree on the date and reverse the job. First, if the clearance overruns, allow some time at the end as a contingency. The higher the clearance, the greater the need for contingency. Then there is the necessary time for the clearance of the office itself.

3.Choosing the right Clearance firm

Once you understand what products need to be cleaned up and you have chosen your timeframe, you need to choose an office clearance specialist to do the job. The key to having the correct business is to follow the 4 ‘ R’s – namely references, resources, relationships, and rates.

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