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House clearance tips

A house clearance may be somewhat a task. But if you are interested in a contest, the following tips should guarantee that everything is as smooth as possible :

Plan the time

Planning  the time needed  to clear the building ensures that everything else runs properly. Devote 5-6 hours in one room atleast to sort things out in a better way. This may seem a lot, but offering yourself enough time to do a job, like most things in life, goes a long way to get rid of all the stress that comes with it.

What to keep and what to throw!

Once you have assigned some time to the home clearance  in your notepad,  the next step is to go through everything to identify which objects you and your family members want to maintain, which products you want to sell or distribute and which products are only useful for the basket to get recycled.


Once you have identified the items to keep, categorise it. Seperate the ones which you want to get recycled. Send it to the recyclable spots. Make a box for the items of donation so that it can be reused. Finally make boxes of disposable items. This will make the clearance organised and easy for you.

Be careful of precious items and documents

While cleaning keep your important documents and precious stuff carefully. Don’t throw the documents which you might need later. If you want bank files, credit card accounts or health records to be disposed of, imagine having a shredder and ruining files.

Health and safety

Before you begin, always open a lot of windows and have a dust mask, especially when removing objects from a loft or cellar. Take extra care when lifting heavy items. Always take help from your family members and friends or labours to avoid any kind of issues.  If, however, just reading this guide has made you feel tired, why not call us now to get your house clearance done and dusted with ease and professional care.

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